Apulian Focaccia with Franco from Italy
Apulian Focaccia with Franco from Italy
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Apulian Focaccia with Franco from Italy

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In south-eastern Italy at the “heel of the boot”, there is Puglia, this is a region not only appreciated by Italians but also by travellers from all over the globe, seeking authentic and traditional Italian cuisine. The foods and recipes originating from here are a big part of Apulia’s cultural identity. The local recipes have their origin in the “Cucina Povera” (Simple- “poor” kitchen). A name which is by no means an indicator for the recipes’ resourcefulness; it actually means “using what the sea and earth have to offer” and recipes consist out of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

During this One-on-one Cooking class with Franco, you will get a taste of one of these recipes and learn to make Apulian Focaccia.


  • Semolina
  • 00 flour (or Bread flour)
  • Potatoes
  • Sugar
  • malt 
  • salt
  • Brewer's yeast
  • Cold water
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Cooking Teacher

"I am a chef, a consultant, a good fork. For me, cooking is creating happiness for others. Taking care of you, making you take a trip back in time, through the flavours and aromas of the lunches eaten on Sunday with the family, seeing on your face the smile, pleasure, joy and well-being during and at the end of dinner. My kitchen of memories.

The first time I cooked it was in kindergarten, what did I cook? A plasticine omelette, yes plasticine, I put it inside a pan, and then I melted it on the radiator. At that tender age, I wanted to call myself a cook.

I was born in Milan and lived in Bologna, half of Puglia and half of Campania. After a few years of work in another sector, I decided to pursue my true vocation and my passion for cooking transmitted to me by my mother Giulia and various family aunts. I watched them while preparing the delicacies, and I was always available and willing to help them.

 The "conversion" to food takes place in 2013 born from the passion for cuisine that has always been cultivating. I graduate from the Italian chef academy and from that moment, I started gaining experience in restaurants in order to get where I am today, a chef at home that offers customers unique and unforgettable food-related lessons.

I am part of the professional association of Italian chefs (a.p.c.i.) as well as cooking in private homes as a chef at home I organize amateur cooking courses. One of the places I work at as a private chef is Casa Bertagni, a guest house in the heart of Bologna."



How to Prepare, step-by-step:
  1. Choose your preferred date and time on the calendar.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with a link to join the video call (Jitsi.org secure and private).
  3. You will receive a list of ingredients and all material.
  4. Prepare your phone and laptop before the session. Open the video call with the link on both devices.
  5. Mute the phone & lower the volume to 0 and use only the back camera to show your hands to the teacher.
  6. Turn on your laptop’s camera, mic and volume to show your overall cooking station and face and also be able to always be able to look at what your teacher is doing.
  7. Enjoy!