Pierogi with Maria from Poland
Pierogi with Maria from Poland
Pierogi with Maria from Poland
Pierogi with Maria from Poland
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Pierogi with Maria from Poland

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If you simply love Polish dumplings, Pierogi & More virtual cooking class is a perfect choice for families and friends willing to discover Polish cuisine at their homes. You will be able to follow step-by-step instructions by a private chef and enjoy a tasty comfort meal at the end of the class.

Dumplings are the most famous Polish comfort dishes. Making dumplings is a perfect family activity, that will uplift everyone's mood and inspire creativity. The filling ingredients can be fully customized and making several different fillings types will allow everyone to eat what they like most. Last but not least, dumplings are quite inexpensive to prepare and make excellent use of any leftovers in your fridge.

Before the class, I will send you all the information necessary for you to get prepared: shopping list and set of all the required utensils. To make sure the course runs smoothly, I will be happy to individually discuss the preparation stages with you before our online session.

Generally, to make dumplings, you need to have flour, vegetable oil and hot water. The fillings are usually made of meat and/or vegetables. The list of combinations is endless, and I am sure you will find something suitable in your fridge or at a nearby store.

During this step-by-step online class, you will prepare dumplings with meat or/and vegetarian fillings. You will get to know how to knead and roll the dough and, then you will discover various folding techniques and hacks that make dumplings tasty.

    What is so great about Pierogi?

    • Cheap - You will be surprised how little money you need to make heaps of dumplings.
    • Zero waste philosophy - Dumplings make very good use of leftovers.
    • Perfect for kids - They can participate in the class and invent their own designs
    • Ideal for families - Adaptable for people who have different diets. You may make a different filling, vegetarian, vegan and meat.
    • Great snack - Dumplings are usually eaten as the main course, but you can have them as a snack, you can put them in a soup and even make dumpling desserts.
    • Ultimate comfort food - American scientists have proven that making and eating dumplings increases your oxytocin level and reduces your stress hormone level.  

    Cooking Teacher

    "Hello, I'm Maria! After many years of a corporate career in banking - I decided to quit my job and start doing things that really make me happy: COOKING!  I opened a small cafe, then a restaurant and eventually started my cooking school offering classes of traditional Polish food to tourists and expats."





    • Learn to make the most famous Polish dish with a private chef
    • Enjoy a live interactive private class
    • Discover the Polish dumpling-making traditions
    • Get detailed recipes online


    • Live interactive private step-by-step cooking class
    • Personal chef offering individual instructions
    • Connection in real-time
    • Customized shopping list for filling recipes
    • Consultation on product list before the class, you will benefit from one-to-one preparation session online
    • Detailed recipes possibility to ask questions after the lesson
    How to Prepare, step-by-step:
    1. Choose your preferred date and time on the calendar.
    2. Receive a confirmation email with a link to join the video call (Jitsi.org secure and private).
    3. You will receive a list of ingredients and all material.
    4. Prepare your phone and laptop before the session. Open the video call with the link on both devices.
    5. Mute the phone & lower the volume to 0 and use only the back camera to show your hands to the teacher.
    6. Turn on your laptop’s camera, mic and volume to show your overall cooking station and face and also be able to always be able to look at what your teacher is doing.
    7. Enjoy!